1. Rural Development Programmes/Projects 

The National  Rural Development Strategy 2013/2014-201-2018 focus on the following key themes:

To ensure participation of all role players in the formulation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development plans;

  1. One Region One Initiative (OROI)
  2. Food Security and Nutrition Programme (FSNP)
  3. Micro Finance Programme
  4. Food/Cash for Work Programmes
  5. Rural Development Centres (RDCs
  6. Rural  Sanitation
  7. Rural Electrification 

  2.  Housing

Provision for housing has been decentralized  and through the Build Together Housing Programme, the main mission it  " To provide support to Regional Councils and Local Authorities to ensure efficient, effective, adequate and affordable housing for all Namibians with particular emphasis on the low income  group of the population and to improve social and living conditions of the community within the concept of sustainable development." Read More....


Namibia Build Together National Housing Program Implementation Guidelines & Procedures -BTP Booklet 19 March 2007

3. Capital Project 

Capital or development projects are budgeted for under the Development budget. Capital budget investment geared towards funding of infrastructure such as infrastructure services such as roads, electricity, water and sewage reticulation, office buildings, etc.

4. Technical Services  

Technical Services Division is ensuring proper implementation of Capital Projects and utilization of development funds through progress monitoring. It a sub-division with the Housing, Habit, Planning and Technical Services Coordination Division responsible for the implementation of the NDP4 Development Programmes. Under this Development Programmes:

    4.1. Improved Governance out Sub- National Level

  • Construction of regional Office Parks
  • Construction of Town Council
  • Construction of Traditional Authority Offices

    4.2. Sanitation in Urban, Peri-Urban & Rural Areas

       The programme involves the upgrading and construction of sewerage, water, electricity and road network in municipalities, towns, villages                     and settlements, increasing the number of serviced plots in these communities.