Office/Directorate/Division Contact Person Telephone Number Email Address
Office of the Chairperson

Hon Hendrik Gaobaeb

Chairperson of Kunene Regional Council

065 273950

Office of the Chief Regional Officer

Mr George P. Kamseb 

Chief Regional Officer

065 273953
Directorate of Planning and Development Services

Mr Charles N Uarije

Acting Director

065 273954
Directorate of General Services

Mr Josef E.  Jantze  


065 273957
Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture

Mrs Sophia D Ferdrieck


067 335001
Division of Planning and Development

Mr Inodimbwa H Namwoonde

Deputy Director

065 273 950
Division of Rural Services

Mr Charles N Uarije 

Deputy Director

065 273954
Division of Human Resource Management

Mr Gabes Kavetu

Acting Deputy Director

065 273956
Division of Finance

Ms Foibe Tuyoleni

Acting Deputy Director

065 273960
Division of Administration

Ms Sendra Nakale

Deputy Director

065 273950
Directorate of Health and Social Services

Mr Thomas Shapumba

Director of Health and Social Services

065 272801
Division of Works and Transport

Mr inga Hamutumbangela

 Chief Works Inspector

065 273090
Division of Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination

Mrs Delly Jennifer Mutota-Haindongo

Regional Head

065 273030
Division of Information, Communication and Technology

Mr Lot Shikongo

Senior Information Officer/Head

065 273070
Division of Gender Equality and Child Welfare

Mrs Conney Manghono

Deputy Director

065 273086
Division of Land Reform

Mr Gary Nekongo

Deputy Director 

065 273374
Sub-Division of Internal Audit

Mrs Litetukeni Udjombala

Chief Internal Auditor

065 273 115 
Public Relations Section

Ms Winy M Valanda

Acting Senior Public Relations Officer

065 273950