High Level Statement

The Mandate specifies the core service area in which Kunene Regional Council (KuRC) has to perform. It specifies the core function and responsibilities of the KuRC to the stakeholders/Public. The Mandate was derived from the following documents:

  • Namibian Constitution Chapter 12 (102 &111)
  • Regional Council Act 22 of 1992 (As amended)

Therefore the Mandate of Kunene Regional Council is to:


To govern and plan for development of the region for the betterment of the people


Fast developing region by 2022


To Fast-track development through integrated planning and good governance for investment attraction.


To achieve the Vision and Mission, KuRC has adopted the following core values to guide the management and work of all institutions within the Council. These values form the foundation of the Council's ethical culture and principles, and provide a framework in which decisions should be made. They will guide the policies, strategies and the daily work and behavior of staff members.


To Fast-track development through integrated planning and good governance for investment attraction

Commitment We strive to provide quality services to the community.
Accountability We are obliged to account for the decisions and actions executed by Council, without fear or favor.
Professionalism Exercise a high level of moral and ethical principles in our conduct and use the most appropriate skills and competences towards achieving our vision.
Innovative Be creative in developing new strategies and business processes re-engineering (BPR) in service delivery.
Transparency We will carry out our functions in the most transparent manner to serve our customers in uniformity and make decisions that are free from any biasness and dishonesty.
Synergy Institutional ability to use resources effectively and efficiently through value for money model.