Livestock and Production

As most people know, meat is a big part of the average Namibian's diet, making livestock production a crucial part of the agriculture sector. Kunene Region is involved in the trading of animals through formal auctions and the exportation of animals to neighbouring countries, contributing to the economy of the region and the nation. The government supports livestock production in the region through various incentives including the establishment of quarantine camps to improve the quality and health of animals marketed. The following quarantine camps were established by government in the region:
  • Swartbooi Drift
  • Ehomba
  • Khowarib
  • Condor
  • Palmwag
  • Otjakati
  • Omutambo-maowe

The Kunene Regional Council, with the support of the government and various other organisations gives support to farmers in the region through activities such as livestock improvement programmes and irrigation schemes. Investment opportunities in agriculture in the region include the setting up of livestock marketing facilities, development and expansion of abattoirs, and infrastructure development in communal areas to give easy access to animals and assist in the easy transportation of livestock. Investment in any of these areas will definitely be met with positive responses from both the locals and the regional council.

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