The mandate of the Kunene Regional Council is to govern and plan for the development of the region for the betterment of

Directorate Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Plan and coordinate the implementation of socio-economic development programmes/projects;
  • Analyse, Compile and disseminate spatial and statistical data for regional planning;
  • Overseeing Construction and Maintenance of infrastructure in the Region and ensuring that work are completed within the required standards of quality, cost and time;
  • Facilitate the development of spatial framework and regional structure plan including new township establishment;
  • Monitor and evaluate the utilization of natural resources and implementation of programmes /projects within the Region;
  • Coordinate the implementation of sustainable Rural Development Programmes through community participation to boost income generation and employment creation;
  • Enhance local empowerment and infrastructure development throughout the region;
  • Coordinate and manage multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS and TB programmes.

Directorate Human Resources, Finance and Administration

  • Provide prudent financial management services to the Council and its customers.
  • Provide Policy guidance, Planning, and advisory services on issues pertaining to Human Resources Management,
  • Provide support services through Information Communication Technology (ICT), Public Relations & meeting administration; Fleet management; Registry services and all logistics and administrative support to the activities of the Council;
  • Provide constituency support and manage settlement areas;
  • Ensure effective coordination with all stakeholders to mitigate disasters impacts in the region.

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